How Do I Access the Subscription API?

The Subscription API can be accessed using the following secure link.

https://domain%2fmyemail%40test%2Ecom:[email protected]/users/1/subscriptions

Note the following:

  • https:// is at the start of the User API request
  • domain is your site's domain. Example: google or long-hyphenated-domain
  • / (forward slash) or %2f between the domain name and the email address

  • @ (at symbol) or %40 for the email address.
  • . (the period)or %2E for the period separating the domain name from the com.
  • : (colon): between the email address and the password

  • : (colon): between the password and the URL
  • /users to call the appropriate API

Basically, any special character between the https:// and the must be percent-encoded based on the following rules:

To see the documentation, the article on accessing theSubscriptionsAPI documentation is helpful.