Failed Orders and Multipub Integrations

Most Multipub integrations include an additional order handling step that can produce a different order status that you should be aware of when fulfilling completed orders.

Normal Order Failure State

Without the Multipub integration, failed orders display in the admin tools with only one failure state: rejected. This is typically caused by problems with the credit card or payment gateway.

Additional Multipub Order Failure State

In the example screenshot below, the first order is valid. It show both a tracking code and a "submitted" state. This means that Multipub successfully stored the order and replied back to ePublishing and the payment gateway (e.g. accepted the credit card payment.

The second order in the screenshot is invalid. Notice the blank space where a tracking code would be even though the order state is showing "submitted". This situation occurs because of a problem in communicating with Multipub. Either they did not respond quickly enough or they responded with incorrect or unexpected information. The customer would have seen a message asking them to try again later. The order is incomplete and should not be filled since the payment wasn't even submitted for approval. If the customer tries again, another order will be created with a new status. It is possible to see multiple attempts, one after another.

The third order in the example is also invalid. In this case it has a "rejected" state due to a problem with the credit card or payment gateway. The fact that it has a tracking code shows that communication to Multipub was successful but the order should not be filled since there is no payment. In this case the customer would see a message about the payment itself. If they attempt to rectify the payment problem then a new order will be recorded.

Only purchases matching the valid order example should be filled.