After importing data, Continuum works to make sure old content URLs are redirected to their new home on your site. For each piece of content where an old url (aka 'Slug') is known, a redirect line is added to a file using a very simple format:

/old/url/path/here /new/url/path/here


/articles/storyheadline.aspx /articles/123-story-headline

/store/product_for_sale.php /products/123-product-for-sale

After all records are written to the file(s), ePublishing load this to an SDBM file on the application servers. 


  1. Do not include quotation marks around the URLs
  2. The old URL must be an absolute path WITHOUT the domain. The new URL must be an absolute path WITH or WITHOUT the domain.
  3. URLs must be encoded. eg. the URL cannot contain characters such as a space. /old url/here would look like /old%20url/here