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How do I turn the right rail on or off on a user's profile?

This template is accessed at https://www.yourdomain.com/user/profile. A user must be logged in to access this page. 

We've made the right rail that many sites use be optional on this page to allow the user to focus on the important work of reviewing their data and making any relevant updates, printing their invoice, or finding the link to the premium article they purchased a few months ago.

1. The right rail appears by default on user/profile pages. For example:

2. But you can turn the right rail off, as shown below.

3. Control whether the right rail is on or off by navigating to the following in Admin: Advanced > Settings

3.1 Search for user.profile.hide.sidebar in the top, right search bar.

3.2 You'll see this appear at the bottom:

4. To toggle the right rail on or off ...

4.1. To turn the sidebar OFF, type “true” in the Value field.

4.2. To turn the sidebar ON, type “false” in the Value field.

4.3 DO NOT change the name - this could break elements on your site.

5. You can now see the change, live, on your site.