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How do I publish my newsletter issue to my website?

This feature was introduced in March 2021 and allows you to choose if and when a newsletter issue that you send through an ESP is published to your website.

In order for your newsletter issue to appear on your website in the /newsletters section, you need to make sure that it has a Publish At timestamp and that the Publish? checkbox is checked.

By default, the Publish At timestamp will set itself when you first create the issue.

After you have created, reviewed and sent your newsletter issue, check the Publish? checkbox to have it appear on your website.

Setting Future and Past Publish At dates

You can set your Publish At timestamp for a date in the future and have the issue appear on your site at that time. Be sure to check the Publish? checkbox.

You can also set it for a date in the past to better organize your content on the /newsletters issue page.

Include an author with your newsletter - new June 2022

You can associate an author with your newsletter from the Edit Newsletter page.

In order for the author to show up on the newsletter page, you will need to talk to your Project Manager so your template can be customized to display the author information