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How do I update the cookie policy notification message?

If your site has European readers, you have to comply with the European unions Cookie policy. We've made it very easy for you to do so.

Follow these instructions to modify the simple notification message and link to your cookie policy that appears on your site until a reader closes it. Every week, we'll resurface the message so that the reader is reminded that the policy is in place.

This editorial content area drives the actual message shown in the image above. This cookie notification appears on every page of the site, until the user clicks the X to close and accept it. Every seven (7) days it will re-appear for a user to re-confirm.

Find the editorial content area of cookie.policy

Click on the name to edit the your message.

Update the text to reflect your message and the link to the published Page Manager page with the cookie policy.

Update the body with your cookie policy message and make sure the link we provided in the sample content links to your cookie policy page.

Add a site notification for readers of your site to see when they access your site.

Above is an example of the cookie policy notification for a site. It appears on every page of the site until the reader clicks the X to accept the policy notification.

To turn on this notice, do the following steps:

Look for the system setting of "cookie.policy.enabled"

Change the cookie.policy.enabled value to true.

Hit Enter/Return and the change will automatically save.

Use your access to your CSS to change the default look and feel of the cookie policy notification message.

How do I update CSS styles on my website?

If you have any questions, please contact your project manager.