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How do I work with Article Templates?

Article templates are new to Continuum as of August 4, 2022. Templates are available for Articles, Events, Directory Listings and Products.

Activate the Article Template feature

There are two system settings that need to be set for the article template feature to work.

  • Click on Admin > Settings in the main navigation
  • Locate article.add.from.templates.enabled and article.templates.enabled and change the value from false to true

Create a template

Templates are created from existing articles by clicking on the three gray dots in the Article Editor menu bar and selecting Save as Template.

What is saved when the template is created?

The template creation is the same process as the Duplicate feature with a few differences.

The differences:

  • [TMPL] is appended to the Headline
  • The article is locked by default (if the locking feature is enabled for your Continuum Instance) 

What fields are included:

  • Kicker, Headline, Sub-headline
  • All editors - body, teaser, notes, footnotes, endnotes
  • Taxonomies - Authors, Topics, Classification, Site Placement, Categories, Blog and Blog Category designations, Keywords
  • Publish and Pull At dates, Original Publication Date
  • Source and Source URL
  • Checkbox settings - Include in Search Results, Enable Comments, Direct Access
  • SEO - Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Headers, Updated Browser title
  • Media file associations

What's not included:

  • Custom fields
  • Newsletter and Publication associations, Due At date
  • Related items
  • Products
  • Comments
  • Publication status (the template is unpublished)

Create an article from a template

Once you have at least one template created, the Add from Template button will appear when creating a new article. Click on the button to select the template.

Any existing article templates from ePub Legacy tools will be converted to Continuum templates. They will not have the [TMPL] prefix and will not be automatically locked, but can be locked manually. If you do not see your templates as expected, contact your Project Manager.

The newly created article will be unpublished, the [TMPL] designation will be removed from the headline, it will not be locked, and the template origin will be noted at the bottom of the right column.