How do I create an event product?

If you're selling seats to your event, or want free registration, set up a product for your event. To create a product out of an event, start within your Event in the Event Manager.

Select your existing event to open the Event Manager and select the Products tab.

Set up your product to sell individual tickets or group packages, or to take free registrations. If the latter, simply set the price to $0.

To learn how to set up event registration - paid or free - please read this article: How do I create a registration form for an event?

You may also choose to host your registration on a third-party website.

Include a Name, Title, Description and Teaser. The Event type will already be selected.

Set pricing. To add additional categories (for example, the price of a ticket for 10-19 people), click "Add More" on the right (6).

To learn how to set up event registration - paid or free - and pricing please read this article: How do I create a registration form for an event?

  1. The minimum quantity that the price applies to. For example, to set the price for 1 to 5 tickets. set the minimum quantity at 1.
  2. In the same example, set the maximum quantity as 5. If you don't apply a maximum quantity, the price you set will apply to all purchases, no matter how many tickets are being purchased.
  3. Set the price, or cost, of the ticket.
  4. If you'd like the landing page to show a discount, add the original cost here. If the tickets are $9 each, and you want to show that you're providing a 10% discount, type in 10.00 in the original cost field.
  5. Include a Description to describe what this pricing tier represents. For example, you may use descriptions such as: Bulk Group Sales or Individual Tickets. This is up to you but will appear in the customer's receipt, as well as in the Cart.
  6. Click Add More to add another pricing tier to your product.

Pricing will appear as follows on your Event's landing page. For each ticket sold, your customer will provide registrant details.


Be sure to use the Save button for the product, not the Save button for the event.

Head on over to Products to finish setup

You may need to finish setting up your product on the Revenue > Products section. Here you will add Product Category,  Site Placement and any custom fields.