ePublishing Knowledge BaseContinuumCommon QuestionsWhat do I do if my website is loading slowly or isn't loading at all?

What do I do if my website is loading slowly or isn't loading at all?

In the rare instances your website is offline due to an unexpected outage, we recommend following these steps:

Confirm your website is actually down vs. local Internet or network problems that may be preventing you from accessing the website.

Use one of these two websites to determine if the problem is your network or ISP: 

https://currentlydown.com/ or http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ 

If either of these websites confirm that your website is down, send an URGENT ticket to ePublishing at support.epublishing.com

We will work to get you back up as soon as possible and diagnose what caused the site to go down or become unresponsive.

If your website is reporting as available, but is slow, please submit a HIGH help desk ticket at support.epublishing.com so that we can identify the cause.

If the cause is something ePublishing can control, we will work to prevent that problem from reoccurring.

If it is caused by third-party integration or other processes outside of ePublishing's control, we will work with you and the third party to identify what needs to be done to address the root cause.

We want your website to load quickly and cleanly on all devices. We are here to help you make that happen.