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How do I review the list of attendees who have registered for an event?

Your site has two ways it may notify you of who has registered to attend one of your events.

  • Event Registration Notification Email (Optional)
  • Event Attendee report

This article will review how to access and modify each.

To read more on accessing the Event Attendee report, modifying its contents, or exporting, see the below articles:

1. Event Registration Notification Email

When you create the event, you may change this setting in your System Settings to notify you by emai each time someone registers for an event.

You may also add members of your internal staff to be BCC'd on this email.

1.1. To turn this feature on, go to your Settings under Advanced.

You must have appropriate privileges to access this tool to turn this feature on.

1.2. Scroll down to the events.bcc.email.enabled system setting. Click Edit to view the settings.

  • If the value is [empty] or false, no email will be sent to either the event contact or your team.
  • If the value is true, the email will be sent to both the event contact and your team.

1.3. To change from true to false, or false to true, click on the value and type "True" or "False". Change the Value to true or false.

Do not change the value in the Name field

1.4. This will auto-save.

1.5. If set at true, the email will be sent to the email in your webmaster.email system setting. Confirm the webmaster.email system setting contains an email address or mailing list.

Search for webmaster.email and click on the email address under value.

1.6. Please note that this field should be a single email address, and not a comma-delimited list.

We recommend using your email service to create a single email address for this purpose. Add any users who should receive these emails to that list.


[email protected] sends emails to:

(Also, please remember not to change the value in the Name field)

1.7. If you make a change it will auto-save.

2. Event Attendee Report

The Event Attendee report is found in the Event Manager on the Attendance sub-form of the event. You can do the following on this form:

2.1. To open the Event Attendee Report, open your Event in the Event Manager and click on the Attendance tab.

To edit an attendee's details, click Edit on the right. To delete, click Delete.

2.4. Note: There is presently no way for users who have registered for an event to revise their registrations without calling the publisher.