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Resources for learning DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

Free Support Recommendations

Tutorial: Building an Ad Platform with DFP by The UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute - A very informative and complete tutorial on managing ads within the DFP platform. If your ad code is automatically configured and embedded by ePublishing then you can skip the section on exporting and embedding ad code.

Introduction to advertising with DFP by Google - This official documentation is complete but sometimes difficult to follow due to its sprawling format and a plethora of links off to other information and related documentation. Most users find that it is useful to dip into it when needed but not very useful as a start to finish guide.

Google's DFP Publisher's University - a more substantial training resource from Google. Parts of the Publisher's University require login.

3rd Party Support Recommendation

The ad support company, YourBow, came to our attention in the best way: through a positive client recommendation. We interviewed them and found that they really are experts in just about every ad platform currently in use. Having trouble with DFP? Want to get more out of OAS? Not sure about how to solve newsletter ad issues? Then these are the experts you need. Take a look at this services sheet and their slide presentation about their services.

If you like what you discover, you can contact Alex Kalezic at [email protected] or 619-248-5877.