How do I create a product out of an article?

If you'd like to sell individual article access, use the Product tool within the Article Manager.

This article includes links throughout for more detail on any of the steps.

1. In the Article Manager, hover over Edit and click on Product.

2. Fill out your product details.

  1. Add a product name for your article.
  2. Add a Title.
  3. Add a description in the Body.
  4. Add some preview text under Teaser - Depending on the website's design, the teaser may show up in search results or on index pages.
  5. Set the price - For an article, the only required field is Cost, which is the price of the article. You may also add an Orig. Cost, which would allow you to display a discount. For example, if the Orig. Cost of the article is $10, and the Cost is $9, the product page would showcase a 10% discount.

    Because this product will provide access to an individual article to be read online, you do not need to add a Min. Qty or a Max. Qty.

3. Classify your Product, if desired. For example, you may want to assign the product to a specific product category.

All classification and site placement taxonomy is unique to each website. This is not required.

4. Click Save Product. Then click the publish box and click Save Changes.
5. Go to the Product Manager and find your article Product by title or ID number.

Click on it to edit.

6. You are now in the Product Manager. If you are happy with the current setup of the product, click Publish.
7. Other options for editing the appearance of your product:

7.1 Add an image

You may want a thumbnail image to appear next to your product headline. On the first page of your Product Manager, scroll down and click on Browse to access the Media Manager.

7.2  Under Edit at the top of the Product Manager, click Supplemental. There, you can edit your confirmation e-mail content.

This will be added to the e-mail message that purchasers will automatically receive after buying access to the article.

7.3. Assign site placement.

Under the general tab, you will find classification and site placement taxonomy options. Topic/Category taxonomy will automatically populate with the topics that were selected when the article was created.

All classification and site placement taxonomy is unique to each website.

7.4. Associate an offer with your product.

To get to Offers, click on Revenue - click on Offers and find your offer to associate or create a new offer.

Learn more about setting up offers in: How do I create discount codes or offers?

7.5 Associate related content with your product.

To access Related content, go to the related tab in the product manager.

Click on the plus sign under any category to associate the product, article, event, etc with your product.

8. When you are finished updating your product, check Publish and click Save Changes.

Do you want more details on setting up products in your ePublishing store? Learn more in How do I create a new product?