ePublishing Knowledge BaseContinuumVideo/AudioHow do I require a user to submit a lead generation form in order to watch a video on my site?

How do I require a user to submit a lead generation form in order to watch a video on my site?

Continuum has functionality built in to allow your editors to tag videos which should be hidden until the visitor submits a lead generation form. This will allow you to collect the contact information for potential leads and follow up with them for future sales opportunities.

Here's an example of how this may look on your site:

How to enable this feature

First, the feature must be enabled. In System Settings under Advanced, you will find a setting called video.­lead.­generation.­enabled. Update the value in this setting to true and save.

Next, upload your video file in Media Manager. This also works for remote videos.

For more info on accessing Media Manager, check out this Knowledge Base article

Then, in the Classification section, check the box for Enable Video Lead Form and save.

That's it!

Form Details

The form includes the following fields (all of which are required):


First name

Last name

Job title




Once a visitor submits the form, a cookie is set in their browser so that they may come back to the same video and view it again without having to resubmit their information. However, if they attempt to view a different video that has the Lead Generation form added to it, they will need to submit their information to view the other video. 

If you're interested in options for customizing the form, please reach out to your Solutions Manager.

Accessing Lead Generation Submissions

Each time the form is submitted, the form will transmit the information to a table in our database. There won't be an email sent to someone in your company for each form entry.

To pull a report of your leads, you can access this any time at /reports/lead/new

Ex: https://www.yourdomain.com/reports/lead/new

Simply input your date range and click Download