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How do I setup a site license group administrator using /admin/licenses?

There are two common use cases for site license group administrators.

  1. You or someone at your company wants to add and remove users from site license groups. For this scenario see this KB article.
  2. You want to set someone up outside your company to add and remove users from a site license group. This is normally an employee of the group itself.

This article is for scenario #2. It describes how to setup a user to be a group administrator using the group administration tools at /admin/licenses. In addition to being able to add and remove users from a group, the group admin, when setup at /admin/licenses, will also inherit the subscriptions and mailing list associations established at the group level.

Group administrators setup using /admin/licenses will count toward the limit set in Site License Maximum User Count (site.license.max.users).

1. Log into the front end of your site at /user/login with a user that is setup as a group admin.

2. Go to /admin/licenses. 

3. Scroll to the "Add New User To Site License" section. Select the group you want to create an admin for. 

3. Under User Type, select Site Admin. 

3. Fill out the rest of the form and click Create. The user is now added to the database and will be able to access /admin/licenses to add or remove a user from the specified group.

The user will also get an email with a password, associated to the correct mailing lists (if appropriate for that group), and inherit the group's subscriptions. 

For a brand new user, the setup is complete.

If the user is already associated to a group and you want to change the user from being a member to an administrator, then do the following. 

1. In /admin/licenses, scroll to Edit Members and search for the user. 

2. Click into the user's record. 

3. Under User Type for the desired group, select Site Admin. 

4. Scroll down and click Update. 

The user is now a group administrator and will be able to add and remove users from the specified group using /admin/licenses.