How do I create an article?

This article will show you:

  • How to navigate to the Article Manager
  • How to create an article

This article also includes basic functionality, such as publishing an article, assigning an author, using the WYSIWYG editing tool, inserting an image, associating related content and editing SEO.  

1. In the navigation at the right of your dashboard, click on the arrow by Editorial and click on Articles.

1A. The screen below will appear - click on the plus sign to create a new article. To edit an existing article click on the article headline you wish to edit.

2. After selecting Create, the Article Manager will appear.

3. A headline is required.

ePublishing CMS - Google Chrome

4. Select an author for this article on the right hand side. Just click in the box and an author list will drop down or you can type in the author you're looking for.

ePublishing CMS - Google Chrome

5. Write a teaser for this article near the bottom of the page.

ePublishing CMS - Google Chrome

The teaser appears in Search results or in email Alerts or Newsletters under the headline.


6. Add the body text for this article.

You may type or copy and paste the copy directly into the Body 1 box.

You may edit the copy with the tools above. For more details read How do I format content?

7. Add an image by clicking on the Image icon in the editor.

For more details on adding images or other media to your content, view our article on How to Use the Media Manager.

8. When you are finished formatting your article, click Save.

The red dot at the top right of the Save button indicates that there is something to save.

Once the new article has been saved, more editing options will appear, as shown below.

9. Navigate to the SEO tab to add a meta description and keywords.

10. You can navigate to the Related tab to tag related content of multiple types to your article.

11. On the General tab, select where you want your article to appear on your site.

ePublishing CMS - Google Chrome

This is done right on the General tab next to your body content. This placement is based on your Taxonomy Manager and is unique to each website.

12. If applicable, choose a featured image for your article.

You can simply drag and drop your image here or click on the upload cloud icon to upload a file from your computer. Browse Media will open your Media Manager. Add a Remote Source will open a drawer to enter your remote image information.

13. To expose other fields, click the icon for a drop-down menu and select the fields to appear. Click again to hide the menu.

14. To manage comments navigate to the comments tab.

ePublishing CMS - Google Chrome

You can turn off/on comments, flag them, delete and respond on this tab.

15. Set a Go Live Date and Go Live Time.

ePublishing CMS - Google Chrome

"Go Live Date" "Go Live Time" "Pull Date" and "Pull Time" are set in Eastern Time (EST).

If you'd like the article to only appear on your website for a set period, you may also set a Pull Date. The Pull Date field can be activated from the Show More Fields menu (see 14 above).

16. Save, Preview, Publish!

Always save! You can preview your article before it goes live to make sure it looks just right. When it does and you've set a go live date and time, check the Publish? tag here and hit save.