Videos: Optional Features

There are some optional features on the video pages below that can be turned on or off based on whether or not you want to use them. 

  • /media/videos
  • /media/videos/id
  • /media/videos/play/id

1. Search

If you would like to turn on a video specific search field that displays under your playlists, then go to Advanced > Settings. 

Set the system setting to true.

2. EC Area

You can display custom messaging under your playlists in an EC area. The name of the EC area is video.display.pages. If you have the search above enabled, then this EC will display below the search. 

Go to Editorial > Editorial Content. Find  video.display.pages, update the body field and publish the EC area. 

3. Videos by Topic

You can display your parent level topics under the playlists. The topics are links to /video/topic/id - a page which will show video tagged with taxonomy X.

If you would like to display this feature, then update the system setting video.view.topics. If you have the EC area described above published, then the topics will display below the EC area. 

Go to then go to Advanced > Settings.

Set the system setting video.view.topics to true