ePublishing Knowledge BaseContinuumMedia ManagerHow do I create an image gallery / photo gallery?

How do I create an image gallery / photo gallery?

This article will show you how to:

  • Create a new image gallery.
  • Upload images to the gallery.
  • Delete images in your gallery.
  • Edit images in your gallery.
  • Change the order of images in your gallery.

Each website's taxonomy is unique. If you have questions about your website's taxonomy, please reach out to your ePublishing's solutions manager.

Add images by dragging and dropping from a folder on your computer to the screen, or by browsing existing media and making selections.
Your images will appear to the right after you save.
To edit and reorder images, back under the Media tab, simply click and drag images to the preferred order under the title Edit and Reorder Images.

Your Image Gallery will default to Indexable (searchable on your website) and Automatic page refresh for display.


Select Publish, and click Save.