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How do I add topics and categories to my website's taxonomy?

The Topic and Category taxonomies are fed by your Taxonomy Manager. These are used to tag your content with relevant content. For example, if you tag your article on Twitter best practices with the topic "Social Media," it would then automatically be included on the topic page for that taxonomy on your website.

Category taxonomies allow you to organize products, events, classifieds, directories and media — podcasts, videos and photo galleries — into groups.

The Topic and Categories taxonomies are different from the Site Placement and Classification taxonomies.

This article will show you how to add new topics or categories to your website's taxonomy.

Add the topic or category within your Taxonomy Manager.

Click on Taxonomy on the tool bar on the left to access the Taxonomy Manager.

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In your Taxonomy Manager, select Topics and then click on the plus sign to create a new taxonomy (these will show up as Topics on articles/blogs).

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You can also hover over an existing taxonomy to add a child taxonomy category.

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Click on the new Taxonomy and type your new topic or category under Title on the right.

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Add a description. This will appear on all index pages for topics or categories on your website. Click Save.

If you would like to assign it to an article or blog post, go to the article/blog and select the new topic or category.

If you don't want your new topic or category to appear live on your website, click Hidden?

To display a topic or category that was previously hidden, un-check Hidden? after clicking on your topic or category and click Save.

To delete a topic or category, hover over the topic and click the edit icon. Then on the right scroll down and click Delete, then scroll down under that and click I'm sure. If you change your mind just click Nevermind.

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You can reorganize your taxonomy by clicking and holding on to the three horizontal line icon and drag the topic up or down.  

You can also move a taxonomy by clicking on the edit icon and using the "Move this topic to..." selection.

You can narrow down your taxonomy topic search by using the Taxonomy name filter.