How do I create a Classifieds or job listing?

The Classified Manager is used to maintain classified ad listings on your website. It is included with all ePublishing websites. This article shows how to create a classified ad behind the scenes of your website. Classifieds can also be set up for self-service so that your customers can submit their own data online.

To create a new classified ad for your website, click on Classifieds under Revenue in your Dashboard menu.

To open and edit an existing classified, click on the Headline.

To create a new classified, click the blue + icon in the top right.

Add a headline (required) and company name (not required) for this classified.
Your classified's preview will populate in real time to the right.
Add your classified's text in the Body.
Add a contact name and email address, both required.

These will be shown at the bottom of the classified on the website.

Set the publish date and time by clicking on the calendar and clock icons, when the classified will go live. If your classified is limited by days, set a pull date and time for when the classified will be unpublished from your website.
Select where you'd like to it to appear and other taxonomy specific to your site.

Every website's taxonomy is different, so talk to your project manager if you have questions.

To Publish, check the box next to Publish in the top right, and then click Save Changes. If you aren't ready to publish, just click Save Changes.

Configuring your Classified Ad Listing Product

We have a built-in product for classifieds which can be accessed by going to the Products tool in Continuum. The name of the product is Classified Ad Listing.

This is the product that is added to a person's cart (IF the listing costs more than $0) when they want to purchase a listing in your ads. The pricing options you create for this product will be what displays in the "Select Term" dropdown on your classified ad submission page. This lives at

Note the Description for each pricing option will display in that dropdown. Right now you see USD because that's the description for the single pricing option present in the Classified Ad Listing product. You could change that to something like "FREE for 30 Days" or anything else you'd like, so that it indicates the customer will get the listing for free. Leave the price as $0 and the customer will not have to go through the payment process to submit their ad. Or update the price and the customer will be required to pay for their ad through the shopping cart.

Also notice there is an Editorial Content record that displays at the top of that submission form. It's named You can use that to customize the messaging to your customer.

When a customer successfully submits an ad using that form, an email is sent to the address present in the System Setting. When you receive the email notification, you'll know to go review the listing and publish it in your classifieds if everything looks good.