ePublishing Knowledge BaseContinuumArticle ManagerHow do I use the Bulk Actions toolbar in the Article Manager?

How do I use the Bulk Actions toolbar in the Article Manager?

The Bulk Actions toolbar allows you to select multiple articles and:

  • Add Topic, Classification and Channel taxonomies
  • Remove Topic, Classification and Channel taxonomies
  • Update the Publication date
  • Publish unpublished articles

Permissions can be set for roles or users that are allowed access to the Bulk Actions toolbar.

Select articles

Start by selecting the articles you want to perform the bulk action on. Do this by using the Advance Search filters or by just selecting articles in the list.

Select articles by checking the box next to the article ID or select all the articles by checking the box in the table heading

When a checkbox selection has been made, the Bulk Action button will become active


Create the actions you want to take by selecting from the Topics, Classifications or Channels taxonomy dropdowns, and/or set a Publication date and/or select the Publish checkbox. These actions can all be done at the same time or separately.

In the example below, the taxonomies Career Advice and Leadership, and the Classification Require Subscription will be added to 3 articles. The Publication date will be changed to 7/30/2022 at 2:24PM and any unpublished articles will be marked as published.

These actions will happen when the green checkbox is clicked.


Likewise, you can remove Topic, Classification or Channel taxonomies from selected articles by clicking the red X icon. In the example below, the Require Subscription classification taxonomy will be removed from three articles. Note - a selected article does not have to have the selected taxonomy being removed for the action to work on selected articles that do.

Publication Date and Publish

Selected articles can have their Publish At date added or updated with the Assign action. Unpublished articles can be set to Published by checking the Publish? checkbox. Refer to the Assign image above. Note - there is no bulk "unpublish" action. 


Use the red Reset button to clear the Bulk Actions toolbar. Use the Selection box in the heading of the article list to uncheck selected articles by clicking in the box twice - the first click selects any articles in the existing list that haven't been selected, and the second click unselects all the articles.

Setting Permissions

The permission "Bulk Editing Option" is set by default to Super Admin User and SysAdmin User (internal). Contact your PM to add a new Role to the permission. 

Permission can also be set on an individual user by selecting "Bulk Editing Options" in the Privileges box for a particular user.