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How do I use the multi-listing request for quote (RFQ) feature for directories on my site?


For sites using directories, the multi-listing RFQ feature is a great value add for both your readers and your directory listings. It allows readers to fill out a single form to request a quote from multiple directory listings at the same time, without having to fill out a form for each listing. 

Which listings can be included in the multi-lusting RFQ?

Premium directory listings can be included in the multi-listing RFQ. Specifically, the listings tagged with Classification > Directory Listing Tiers > Premium (DIRECTORY_LISTING_PREMIUM).

Turning on the feature

To turn on this feature, then you need to update two system settings. Go to Advances > Settings.

You need both of the settings below set to true

  • directories.­rfq.­premium.­enabled
  • directories.­rfq.­premium.­multi.­listing.­enabled

This turns on the feature for all directories. 

How do users / readers get to the multi-listing RFQ form?

When both of the system settings above are set to true, then on /direcotries/id and /directories/id/listings/id, a button is displayed which says Submit RFQ. This will take the user to the form /rfq/new. 

What happens after the reader submits the form?

After the reader selects the listings and submits the form at /rfq/new, then an email is sent to:

  • the value in formmailer.­to.­email 
  • the value in the email address field for each of the selected directory listings. See screenshot below. These recipients are Bcced. 

The following values from /rfq/new are included the email:

  • First Name 
  • Last Name
  • Email 
  • Phone  
  • Title
  • Company
  • Comments

Where can I control the messaging?

You can control the messaging by editing the following editorial content areas (EC areas). 

  • directories.multi.listing.message - this EC area is displayed at the top /rfq/new.
  • directories.multi.listing.confirmation - this EC area is displayed on the thank you page the end user sees after submitting /rfq/new. 
  • directories.multi.listing.notification - this EC area is displayed on the email notification.

You find and edit these in the Editorial Content Manger. Go to Editorial > Editorial Content. You can search for these values and then edit them after clicking on their name.  

Edit the body and then save your changes. 

Ready to go!

The steps above have made your site ready to use the multi-listing RFQ feature.