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How do I make my forms internationally friendly

Use the system setting user.forms.geography.enabled to change the way the Country and State/Province fields on user forms are presented to make them more friendly to international users.

This feature allows a user to select a Country first and then select either a State or Province from a dropdown (if US or Canada) or enter their County/Province/Region etc. in a text field.

This has been implemented for User Registration, User Profile, Event Registration, Directory submissions, Event submissions, Subscription forms, eCommerce billing information form, and Site License forms.

How to implement

Go to the Advanced > Settings and search for user.forms.geography.enabled

Edit the form and change the setting from False to True. This change will auto save.


User form prior to selecting a country

Select a country other than US or Canada and enter the Region/Province (countries have various names) in a text field.

If the United States or Canada is selected, a dropdown of States or Provinces will display. If US is selected, Zip code is also required.