ePublishing Knowledge BaseContinuumUser Manager: Creating Admin Roles & PrivilegesHow do I remove a user from having access to the admin tools?

How do I remove a user from having access to the admin tools?

If you have a recently departed team member and you need to prevent him from having access to your website's administration, you have two options.

  1. Remove his Admin tool roles and privileges in their User Manager record, OR
  2. Delete his record.

This article looks at how to remove access for an existing Admin user, or someone that can edit your website in full or in part. You can control which tools users can access on the back-end of your website.

This article also provides instructions on how to delete the user entirely from access. NOTE: This cannot be undone. This will remove the user, and he will not be able to log-in to the front-end of the website without creating a new registration account or purchasing a subscription.

We also review how to view what each type of user (or role) has access to, and how to edit each role's access.

1. Remove the user's roles and privileges without deleting the user.

1.1. Under Marketing click on Users and search for the user you wish to edit.

1.2 Click on the name or user ID of the user to edit their roles and privileges.

1.3 Scroll down to rolls and privileges and hit the X next to the ones you wish to remove from the user's profile. Then hit save.

2. Delete a user.

2.1. Deleting a user cannot be undone.

2.2. Under Marketing click User and search for the user you wish to edit.

2.3 Click their ID number or name to view.

2.4 In the right hand corner, hit the Delete button.

3. Want to know which privileges are associated with each role? Click Roles & Privileges in your Dashboard.

3.1. Scroll to view Roles. Hover over the name and click the edit button that appears to view the privileges associated with that role.

There are no standard ePublishing roles. They are unique to each website.

3.2. The privileges associated with the selected role will appear below in blue boxes with Xs.

Learn how to modify roles: How do I add or modify a role?