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How do I restore a taxonomy that has disappeared?

A taxonomy may disappear if the has_child flag for the folder is set to false.  You will know this only if you know there should be children taxonomy terms under a given taxonomy, but it isn't.

This may happen either due to an archive import or a taxonomy update / cleaning project.

Your options to fix this:

  1. Our developers can correct this, or
  2. The steps noted below.

IMPORTANT: The taxonomy hidden taxonomies aren't deleted, just not visible to the admin tool.

To restore:

To access your taxonomy, open the Taxonomy Manager under your Dashboard. Click on the category your taxonomy should live under (categories, site placement, classification or topics).

Add a child to the taxonomy in which your taxonomy disappeared, save it, and then delete it following these steps:

Click the new child taxonomy, give it a title and then click Save.

Then Delete the new child taxonomy.

Doing so will activate the has_child flag and the taxonomy that previously appeared in that category should display.

Contact your solutions manager if you have any questions or if the above does not work.