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How do I send a welcome email to new registrants?

When a visitor registers or subscribes on your site, a welcome email may be sent automatically when you turn on the relevant settings in Sys Admin.

This article will show you how to create and modify your welcome message.

1. Access the Settings menu in your ePublishing tools dashboard under Advance.

1.1. Scroll down or search for user.registration.welcome. Make sure the setting is set at "true."

When this is set as "true," a newly registered user will receive the email. When it is set as "false," the email is not active.

1.2. Update the Value to true if you want registered users to receive an email. Set it at false if you don't.

Do NOT change the Name of this setting.

2. To edit your welcome email, select Editorial Content under Editorial on your dashboard.

2.1. Do a search for the word "welcome" in the Editorial Content Manager; hit Enter.

2.2. Select the area you would like to edit.

Each Editorial Content Area has a different purpose:

  • user.registration.welcome.email.subject - Email subject line
  • user.registration.welcome.email.salutation - Salutation - appears before the user's last name
  • user.registration.welcome.email.top - First paragraph under salutation - Your primary welcome message
  • user.registration.welcome.email.bottom.first - Area above the user's email address - Reminds the user that the email address is used for logging in and retrieving a forgotten password
  • user.registration.welcome.email.bottom.last - Area below the user's submitted email address for user information such as profile, subscriptions and address changes
  • user.registration.welcome.email.footer - Email footer that contains default content such as "do not reply to this automated email," your privacy policy and company address

2.3. Here's an example registration email and its associated editorial content areas:

  1. user.registration.welcome.email.subject
  2. user.registration.welcome.email.salutation
  3. user.registrationwelcome.email.top
  4. user.registration.welcome.email.bottom.first
  5. user.registration.welcome.email.bottom.last
  6. user.registration.welcome.email.footer

2.4. After selecting the area to edit, you will be taken to the Editorial Content Manager. Do not change the Internal Name.

2.5. Edit the text in the Body of the Editorial Content Area. Scroll down and click Save.

Use the WYSIWYG editor or paste HTML directly into the box.

Hit Save.

3. Contact your Solutions Manager if you have any questions.