ePublishing Knowledge BaseContinuumArticle ManagerHow do I change the URL of an article or blog post?

How do I change the URL of an article or blog post?

For example, you could change this URL:


to this URL:


The article or blog post ID (in this case, 86) will always be associated to the article, even if it doesn't appear in the URL. Also, changing the "friendly URL" will not affect any previous links made to this article.

You may only change what we call the "slug" or "friendly URL" of an article or blog post. If you'd like to create a redirect to another page or site, learn how to here.

1. In the Article Manager, visit the SEO tool for the article for which you want to change the URL.

2. To change the URL, click and type in the Slug field.

The original URL is automatically generated based on the headline you selected for your article. If you have updated your headline, you can update your URL by clicking "Click to generate slug automatically."

3. Click Save