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Is it possible to have my logo display on the Invoice page?

Your logo will automatically appear on your readers' invoices if you upload a file named logo.png in Media Manager.

1. You may want your logo to show on the invoices your readers can print from their accounts on your website. For example:

2. First, make sure that your logo file is a .png format and the file name is logo.png. This will only work if the file that you upload is named logo.png.

3. Upload the logo file to Media Manager by going to Media in your dashboard.

4. Choose the folder in which you want your image to live in.

5. Go to Upload Files and drag and drop the image in or click on the the Cloud icon to upload from your computer.

5.1. Select your file and click Open. Again, make sure your file name is logo.

5.2. The file name will appear in the New File box after selection.

5.3. If you have uploaded an image, add Alt. Text. This is required.

Alt. Text is the text that appears when the image doesn't load on a website or when someone hovers over the image. This is also important for SEO.

To edit the alt text - click on the name of your file. A side bar will open on the right.

5.4. The Display Title is generally not required for images, but you may add one.

The display title makes it easier to find the logo in the Media Manager and, if you ever want to use the logo in a future image gallery, the display title will appear on image galleries.

6. Click Save Changes

If you want to copy the link for your image to your clipboard click on this link icon: