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How do I create a new edition or issue of a publication?

The Publication Manager allows you to create an online version of your print publication or an online-only publication. This is different than a digital edition, which is often an exact copy of the print edition.

This article will show you how to create a new edition, or issue, of a publication. If you'd like to create or edit a publication, read: How do I create or edit a publication?

Access your publications by clicking on Publications under Editorial in your dashboard.

Select the publication you'd like to create by clicking on it. The Editions tab should open.

If you wish to edit and existing edition, click on the title of the edition.

Create a new edition by clicking Add Edition.

Name your new edition, and add a Teaser, which will appear on the landing page for this edition of the publication.

Your title will show in the dropdown menu of publication editions on your website. Many websites will use a date, but may also include the headline for the cover story.

Set a Go Live Date and Time.

The date and time represents when the publication edition will go live on your website. Set a Pull Date and Time if you'd like it to be unpublished at any time. Most of the time, the Pull Date and Time will remain open.

Your Publication Date drives which order your editions appear on your publication's landing page.

The most recent edition, as determined by this date, will be listed first.

For example, this is where the image will appear on your edition's landing page.

Assign Site Placement and Topic/Category if relevant for your website.

Taxonomy can be specific to a website, so please contact your solutions manager if you have questions.

Add a Volume and Edition number and click Save Edition.

The Volume and Edition number appear on the edition's landing page. For example:

To assign articles to this edition of your publication, click the Associate Article tab and click the plus sign to add articles.
You can search for or scroll through to find your articles. Check the boxes next the article titles and click + Add.
Click Save and navigate to the SEO tab.
Edit SEO for this edition, including adding a SEO-friendly Browser Title, Meta Description and Keywords.

Don't just use the date as the Browser Title.

Click Save and return to the General tab of your edition.
Confirm you have set your Go Live date and your Publication Date correctly. If you have, this edition is ready to go! Check the box next to publish and click Save Edition.