How do I send an eNewsletter issue?

The Newsletter Manager allows you to create e-newsletters manually or automatically based on the rules you set up with ePublishing. We recommend you test each newsletter issue before sending it to your full email list.

Contact your solutions manager with any questions about associating your newsletter with a mailing list ID or changing the list that you send your e-newsletter issue to.

1. To access the newsletter issue you'd like to send, click on Newsletter under Editorial on your dashboard.

2. Select the Newsletter.

3. Under the Issues tab, select the issue you want to send.

4. Click on Send Issue.
5. Fill out the subject line and set a send date and time.
6. Make sure you send a test of your newsletter issue before you send to your audience.

To learn how to a send a test, read this article.

7. Back under Send Issue, once your information is filled out, hit Send.