How do I add or modify a role?

Roles are designed to limit access to only the tools your users - editors, writers, management, marketers and so on - need to do their jobs. Simply assign a new user a role, which is associated with privileges. Privileges provide access to specific tools within your website's back-end. For example, two of the tools an editor needs access to are Article Manager and the Blog Post Manager. He would need to be assigned a role that allows access to those tools. A user will only see a greyed-out link on the dashboard after logging in if he does not have access to a particular tool.

Reminder:Any change to a role will impact all admin users assigned to that role. They may have to log out and log back in to see any changes.

If you have questions about Roles  Privileges, please contact your Solutions Manager. We are happy to help you set up Roles.

1. Open the Role & Privilege Manager in your Dashboard. Click Add Role.

1.1. Assign an Internal Name. It should be all lowercase, separated by a "." For example:

1.2. The display name can be anything, but make sure it's easy to recognize. For example:

2. To add a new privilege, click on the box that says Select Privilege.

When a privilege is added or removed from a role, that user will see those privileges (tools) greyed out in the main navigation of their website's administration. A user assigned that role will no longer be able to click on those tools.

2.1. To remove a privilege, click the X next to the name of the privilege you want to remove.

2.2. WARNING: When you add or remove a privilege from a role, that change will affect ALL users associated with that role.

3. Click Save.

4. To modify an already existing role, hover over the name of the role you wish to edit and click the edit button.

You can add or remove privileges for existing roles as you do for new roles in the steps above.