How do I sell a PDF or other file as a product?

If you'd like to sell a PDF report or other file, such as video, audio or even Excel file, as a product, the best first stop is your Media Manager.

1. In the Media Manager, upload your file.

Drag and drop your file to the Upload Files area or click on it and add from your computer.

2. Click on the file after it's uploaded and update the fields in the menu that slides out.

1. You can download your file here

2. Give your file a different title if you wish

3. Check if you want this file to be searchable on your site

4. Hit save changes. If you want to delete this file, click delete.

1. Not required but you can give your file a description.

2. Associate topics, site placement, or classifications to this file.

4. Hit save changes.

The Assigned To tab will show you where this file is associated on your site.

3. Now go to your product to associate this file for purchase.

Make sure your Product Type is listed as File.