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How do I add a subscription to a reader's profile?

To add a subscription to a reader's profile on the back-end of your website, follow these instructions. Adding a subscription record to a reader's account will grant that reader immediate access to the subscription product, as long as the Begin Date and Time for the subscription are set correctly.

Open the reader's profile in the User Manager.

To find the reader's profile, click on Users in the main navigation and search for the user by name, email address, or ID.

After finding and opening the reader's account by clicking on their name, go to the Subscriptions tab.

The Subscriptions page will list all current subscriptions as well as all available subscription products

Create a subscription without a product

If the subscription you want to add to the reader does not have a subscription product, you can add it by clicking the blue + icon in the Selected and Saved Subscriptions section.

  1. Click the dropdown to select the subscription type (Newsletter, Publication or Site). 
  2. Select the License Type (Free, Individual or Site)
  3. If Newsletter or Publication were selected in step 1, select the Newsletter or Publication from the dropdown and the Resource Type (Online, Print, Print and Online)
  4. Add an optional External ID. The External ID should be used if your website is integrated with a third-party circulation system or a unified audience database. Put the ID number from that system for that reader in the External ID field. This will allow the systems to remain in sync.
  5.  If this is a Trial, Recurring or Renewal subscription, select the appropriate check boxes
  6.  Set the Begin Date and End Date for this subscription. If you want your reader to have immediate access, be sure that the Begin Date reflects the day you set the subscription up.  The End Date is the subscription's expiration date.
  7. Click Save Subscription.

Create a subscription with a  product

If a product has been created for a specific subscription, find it in the Product Subscriptions list and click the Add button.

The Subscription Type, License Type and Resource Type options will pull from the product. Set the dates and any other designations as shown above and click Save Subscription.

If the subscription product is a Newsletter, the Newsletter will be automatically selected on the user's Newsletter tab.