How do I upload a new video?

To start to upload new videos to your Media Manager, access the Media Manager and follow the steps in this article, which specifically covers video uploads.

1. Will this video be a remote video (Youtube) or a video file that you upload to the Media Manager?

If remote (hosted by a video service such as YouTube or on a corporate Digital Asset Management server), follow the steps in this article.

If not, read on.

2. Within the Media Manager, click on the folder  or sub folder in which you want to place the video file. Or create a new folder or sub folder by clicking + Add Folder or the + next the the main folder.

3. Once in the desired folder or sub folder , you can drag and drop you video file into Upload files or you can click on Upload files and add from a source on your computer.

4. You can also add a remote file by clicking here, to the right of Upload Files:
5. Once your file is uploaded you can click on it and manager your video's properties.

1. Download your file

2. Preview your file

3. Add a custom thumbnail if desired

4. Update the title of your video

5. If you want your video to show up in your site's search results click "Include in Search Results."

6. Click Save Changes. To delete the file, hit delete.

1. Click the advanced tab

2. Add a description if you'd like

3. Assign this video to topics, placements, and or classifications.

4. Hit Save Changes.

1. The assigned to tab will show you where on you site your video is living.

If you want a copy of the link to your video to your clipboard click here: