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How do I allow users to search directory listings by location?

Directory search by location allows users to filter directory listings by city, state and country. See a live example on the ePublishing demo site here .

By default, directory search by location is hidden on directory search forms.  When enabled the directory search form will display city, stage and country fields. To display search by location on a directory search form enter the directory ID(s) in the "Value" field of system setting directories.display.location.search.

  1. Go to Advanced > Settings
  2. Find the system setting named directories.display.location.search
  3. Insert the ID of the directory or directories you would like to display location by search on in the "Value" field. To display search by location on multiple directories enter the directory IDs separated by a comma (see screenshot below). Please be careful not to inadvertently change the name of the system setting as it could cause the site to break.
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Go to the front-end of the site to view your changes.

Note it may take a moment for the changes to appear due to caching.

How do I locate the ID of a directory?

Figure 1

Or within your directory listing manager:

Figure 2

  1. Go to Revenue > Directories
  2. Directory listing IDs are listed to the left of your directory listing name as seen in Figure 1 above.
  3. Within your directory listing manager the ID is to the right of "Edit Directory Listing" as seen in Figure 2 above.